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#12: The Root Of Rejection

So often we don’t do things we want to do, or the things we were meant to do, because we are in a place of insecurity, and not loving ourselves. We might be dealing with the root of rejection.

Relationships have the potential to give us a lot of opportunities to look at ourselves and see how we are handling the feeling of rejection.

It’s easy to always want people to like us. But the reality is that most often, there will be those who don’t like us. Particularly if we are taking a stand for something.

No one ever made it through life without without conflict and rejection.

This week Jodie talks about how she’s dealt with rejection … and how she sees herself as a result of it. She’s learned how to draw boundaries and affirm herself in who she is and who she was created to be. NOT who others might want to say she is.

#11: Getting Unstuck -Enough is Enough

Do you feel like you keep facing the same challenge over and over again? Do you feel that you have something in your life that you’ve tried conquering more than once and you just cant figure it out?

This week we talk about getting “Unstuck”. There are some practical ideas that you might be overlooking that if you put into practice, could change the course of your life forever.

Live the life you were designed to live. It’s never too late to make a change and live the live you have always wanted to live. You just need to want to take a good hard look at what things you might be able to do a little differently. Re-write your story to end the way you’ve always thought it should be!

#10: Emotional Entanglement and Release

Sometimes we are stuck because our emotions have a grip on us that we don’t even understand.

Sometimes that comes from a bad relationship.

Sometimes that comes from behaviors we have learned and that have been passed down from other family members.But you don’t have to be driven by your emotions. You have the ability to change the direction of your life by looking at what grip your emotions might have on your life.

This week we talk about how to tell if you are stuck for these reasons. And if you are, some practical things you can do to untangle yourself!Bless and Release. Let It Go.!

#9: The Power of a Label

Are you carrying a label that someone assigned to you? Do you believe something about yourself that just feels wrong?Labels can’t not only be inaccurate, they can be damaging to your spirit.

They can limit what you believe about yourself or someone else.Something as simple as words you use with your children, your spouse, your friend or yourself can change the direction of someone’s internal dialogue.

When Jodie’s son Lincoln was labeled with autism, she had to decide if she was willing to accept that label as a long term definition about the outcome of his health and wellness. She decided to shrug off the labels people close to her placed on her in an effort to recover him from his diagnosis.Parents and children of autism, are often assigned negative labels.

In this episode we discuss the impact those labels have on them. Let’s remove the labels and see each other as people!

#8: My Belief About Autism

Often I get asked where to start. I get asked where I started when I found out that Lincoln was diagnosed with Autism. This week, I share two very simple things that I used to get started in my determination to bring my son back from the dark place the doctors said he would never return from.

I also share what I believe is at the root of the ADS Spectrum diagnosis and what you need to grab ahold of if you’re a parent who is trying to make sense of your child’s diagnosis.

If you’re like me and want to do everything you possibly can for your child, but aren’t sure where to start, listen to this week’s podcast. I hope sharing my story will inspire you to know you you’ve got this…and I’m in your corner cheering you on.


It can be hard to have boundaries. If you’re a people pleaser, if you don’t want to cause any waves, if you want everyone to “just get along” you might have a hard time drawing boundaries with others. Boundaries don’t have to be an ugly thing. They are really just a way of saying “no thank you” to whoever you’re drawing a boundary with.

Do you shrink back with someone who keeps disrespecting you? Do you allow them to keep doing it? That is probably the EXACT person who needs a boundary drawn. It’s scary business sometimes to draw a boundary with those people who need them the most.

In this episode we talk about the power of an need for boundaries in our lives. How to stand up and speak up for yourself when it really matters.

In fact, Jodie tells a story about how and why she had to draw a boundary with Phebe. You don’t want to miss it.

#6: Whatever It Takes

Sometimes in life you have to fight against societal norms to make a change in your life. You have to swim up stream to get to where you’re going.

In this episode we talk about what it takes to stand firm when circumstances and people around you might disagree with your choices. Do you cave to the rejection or stand in your strength of belief?

Getting healthy, losing weight, battling an illness..whatever it is. What do you do when the going gets tough?

And don’t worry, we are still full of shenanigans to kick it all off. This week you’ll get to hear Jodie let the cat out of the bag about that car that she stole at 14 years old!

#5: Energy Vampires – They Suck the Life Out of You

Do you ever feel like someone in your life sucks all of the life out of you? Is there someone who is hard to be around because you just look at life differently? Is there someone whose name pops up on your phone and you refuse to answer it because you don’t have what it takes to “deal with them” today?

My friends, you have an energy vampire in your life! They might be sucking the life out of you!

We will be talking about all things Energy Vampire this week! And, not to be out done by twerking, this week, we will talk about sports bras and underwear! Trust me, you don’t want to miss it! Join us to get your laugh on!

#4: The Power of Your Tribe

Who are your “people”? Who is your inner circle? How many people really deserve a spot in your inner circle?

In this episode we talk about the power of your tribe and how to choose who you run with in life. Who gets to be a part of your inner circle and why you need an inner circle.

There may, or may not, be some twerking involved too! Someone (who shall remain nameless), goes entirely off the rails! And you don’t want to miss it!

#3: Hurt People Help People

Sometimes when we face things in life, we feel like we are facing them alone. Jodie wants people to know they have a support system for those times.

When Jodie was faced with her son’s diagnosis of autism she felt all alone in her journey. From drawing hard boundaries with those she loves, making the choice to buck the system, and do what was right for her son, she found the courage to do what others thought she was crazy for doing. And now, she wants to help others know they are not alone either. She turned the hurt of her son’s diagnosis into a new determination to help others who are going through difficult times when they feel alone. Listen in as Jodie shares the early days of her experience with facing the reality of her son’s diagnosis with Autism.

#2: Did I Offend You?

Offense has gotten out of control. Join us as we talk about the epidemic of others getting so easily offended and when we know we have jumped straight into the deep end of offense.

Do you know someone who gets easily offended? If not, are you that person? Every time you turn on the computer or TV, do you hear about the new offense of the day? Join us this week as we talk about unleashing the tether of offense in our worlds. Sometimes you’re right to be offended….but we believe those times are less often that not!

#1: Welcome to Pick Me Up Buttercup Podcast

The Pick Me Up Buttercup podcast is a place for people to come, kick their feet up, and become part of a community where we pick each other up. Meet Jodie and Phebe. Join them each week for some laughs and to talk about doing the hard things in life together.

This week, you will meet Jodie and Phebe. You will learn more about the heartbeat of the Pick Me Up Buttercup podcast. We will talk a little bit about the back story behind the podcast and share a little bit about ourselves, our relationship with each other, and how we hope to leave a lasting imprint on the world around us. Stop by for a Pick Me Up!

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