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Welcome to this Space of Freedom to Speak up:

Its time to Speak up!

For yourself
For your family
For your children
For your health

Speak Up

Definition of SPEAK UP
intransitive verb
1     : to speak loudly and distinctly
2     : to express an opinion freely

  • speak up for truth and justice — Clive Bell

The first time I really experienced the rush of standing in my power was when a prominent Neurologist told me my son would never be “normal”. I called BS and set out to prove her wrong. Yeah we did. Take that little miss know-it-all.

If I sat in silence then that would deem approval of something my mommy intuition was in direct conflict with, and so my voice was found in our little corner of the world.

Back in the day I was all about the quick fix. Pop the synthetic for the ‘ol cramps, run to the corner store for anything and everything, especially at midnight when the small humans were hugging the bowl and singing the river of life.

Then I became the gatekeeper, the buck stops with ME on my front doorstep.

Toxins don’t stand a chance in my home, and plants are used for more than just looking at (or dying when I ultimately forget to water them). I spend a little extra time at the grocery store reading labels, I get my DIY on occasionally and my family is thriving.

My friends, its time to take the power back into your own hands cause the buck stops with you.

Your Family. Your Choices. Your Voice.

Jodie Meschuk


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