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3 Pillar Coaching

Get guidance

Give every possible edge

3 Pillars coaching will:

  • Give you daily contact and feedback via MP
  • Make it clear what we need to do to grow our business in both members and volume and people sharing
  • Lighten the load you are carrying as a leader
  • Simplify how you teach others to ‘do’ this business
  • Help you tweak and change your language to be better received
  • Teach you how to grow your sphere of influence
  • Teach you how to engage with members
  • Teach you how to engage in convo with members to help them come along in the lifestyle…leading to more and higher ER orders ( this is the real, actual residual income)
  • Teach you how to recognize when that door cracks open for us to walk people into sharing
  • Help you see that you can succeed in this business and bring others along with you!



Full Program (Monthly)

Same program, paid monthly



  • One-on-one coaching
  • Action steps
  • Facebook group
  • Monthly Zoom call
  • Earn exclusive access to attend private team event / min-retreat


The 3.0 mentoring is delivering so much more than I ever anticipated. Daily, engagement from two experienced Young Living leaders is just what I needed to bring a fresh perspective to my own business, but also for the leaders in my community. Being in a group of other like-minded, focused individuals who are examining their activities in a way to improve has been so motivating. I am being encouraged to grow, learn new skills, develop deeper relationships with others and applauded when I step out of my comfort zone. In my six years in the business of sharing Young Living, I have never encountered this type of individual and group mentoring. In just three weeks I have gotten my money’s worth!!!


My not so brief testimony ?

The new language and verbiage I am learning and putting into practice has dramatically changed the kind of responses I get from prospects. Because of what I’m learning and the feedback I am receiving from Jodie and Sarah I am able to be more confident reaching out to my team, as well as prospects to build relationships, gaining influence in their lives. The group is also helping me become aware of what I am doing daily to build in the 3 pillars.

Short version– language, relationships, 3 pillars


Hi, it’s me again? I’ve been in here seeking advice, direction, solidarity & a shoulder to cry on for 15 months due to being stuck & previous efforts on building no longer working.

I’m posting real quick to share about what I have found that IS working for me & is giving me great direction. I’ve done biz coaching before & am a personal development junkie(no shame in my game!). But the coaching I’m doing now has changed my business & my mind in a whole new way. ???

Burdens lifted

IPA lists blown up & tossed✌?

Micromanaging & busy work, bye bye ✌?

Duplicating pointless crap that I’ve seen modeled but produces no income OR relationships, buhbye ✌?

I’m relearning my business

I’m relearning relationship building

I’m focusing on the masses, not the few “potential” Golden eggs…

I’ve been PRAYING for A year for God to show me “Blind Spots” in my business that I can actually work on & do something about… and I have been officially shown. ? Seriously, I thought I was the queen of not being salesy and weird & that I was for sure building my biz the right way… well, I’ve found a million ways I’m legit being salesy & weird and am building an all new way- couldn’t be happier about it either. ???

I’ve also been truly pushed towards the edge of my comfort zone & faced with asking myself the question of “do I want to go there?” And it is an uncomfortable place. Control is mine, the outcome is on me, no need to blame others or gripe about this, that, and the other. Lack of griping is a new season I’m ready to welcome, because I was starting to annoy myself even!!

Anyways, for anyone else who needs a new thing & is willing to relearn some things- I’ll link below what I’ve been up to. I’m definitely still walking it out & learning, but i’m just so thankful & can’t help but share. I wanted to give a small update, too, because many of you precious friends have been helping to hold me up over recent months or year & I thank you


I just want to tell you that you have a gift for loving people! I’m slowly catching up on MP’s and listening to you talk with people, answer some of the same questions over and over, and give people ways of shifting and relating to people and it’s INCREDIBLE. You validate everyone and where they are at. You pull out little things like recognizing seasons of life like toddlers simply from observation and validate that. You are kind and gentle and loving. But still effective and helpful. I am gleening what feels like a million little things that I am so grateful for already but watching you in action in this MP’s is basically changing my life. It’s remarkable and I wanted you to know ❤️