Lessons I Learned During Autism Recovery

Lessons I Learned During Autism Recovery I can remember the day he was diagnosed. I was laying in a very hard and uncomfortable hospital bed giving birth to my second son. Life and death all in the same day. That might seem grim, yet when you lose a child to a dark space it really does feel like death. I had the choice; do I fight or do I give up? Well, I suppose you know how that turned out. Yesterday I was sitting in a quiet space staring at my big strong, now 9 year old boy, and began to think about some lessons the journey of recovery taught me. Lesson #1. Sometimes there are just no answers In a world where we want perfection, we want immediate responses, we want ANSWERS! You just don't get that with autism. What you get is "sorry ma'am but he will probably [...]

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We all Need a Rock of Strength

✨We all need a rock✨ I have been traveling on an international speaking tour for nearly 10 days now and he is growing weary...I am growing tired too, but driven by a great purpose. It is his strength that gives me energy and hope. We certainly have our ups and downs and have weathered some major life challenges, but we’ve done it together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This guy is my safe space and cheers me on to some crazy dreams. I know he probably shakes his head at some of the stuff I come up with Our son certainly would not be recovered without his acceptance and encouragement of some natural ways entering our home. I am so blessed to have him as a partner for life Who is your rock and strength, tag them below and give them a shout out xo Jodie  

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My Son, My Courage

There was a time not too long ago that I would run away from anything hard and I surely would throw in the towel when anyone was unkind to me (I was like peace-out peeps). Mean girls anyone? I never had real goals and certainly never fully grasped that God wants all of his children to reach their fullest and brightest potential. Cause you know what??? YOU are CAPABLE of HUGE things people! For some reason we simply don't go for scary DREAMS. And then my Son happened. He gave me courage to walk through a time when every single Doctor said there was no hope. He was the engine that allowed me to say goodbye to many friends who simply didn't agree with our new set of values or changes we were making related to health care. There are more days than not where I feel ill-equipped and not [...]

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