Yes! We Recovered our Son from Autism

I think it's a perfect day for an official introduction! So Hello! I am Jodie the gal behind Speak up Buttercup. This whole crazy path began when our son was diagnosed with autism. Hmmm no, it actually started back the day he was born, if I were to be really honest with myself. I didn't feel confident in speaking up during his birth and his first year of life which definitely had an impact on altering the course of his health. BUT ...#knowbetterDObetter is what I embrace . There was a significant point in his life before he was 2 with a routine visit to the Pediatrition's office. Picture me, almost 8 months pregnant and asking some legitimate and intelligent questions about vaccines. I just wanted to be HEARD. I just wanted to feel valued as a mom who knew what was best for her child. But I wasn't and instead [...]

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You don’t need permission

What does it feel like to stand in my power? It feels like the universe has my back! It validates that what I know is best for myself and my family. Why didn't I speak up until that fateful moment in the Doctor’s office? Because I didn't give myself credit. I didn't LOVE myself enough to know that my convictions, my belief, my desires were TRUE and RIGHT. Standing in your power doesn't always feel comfortable, especially if we are not used to it. I remember when I began to change my viewpoint on western medicine to more of a functional approach…it didn't click right away until I began to find my voice little by little until one day the light bulb completely switched. It took loving myself enough to know that what I wanted was what I deserved, and my children also deserved a momma that stood by her [...]

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Intuition Rules

There was a moment in our journey where I knew my son needed to be in a different school setting. Call it the mommy intuition or that punch-in-the gut feeling we experience when we know its time to speak up. It was right as he transitioned based on his age from state offered therapy to the local school system. Something just didn't feel good to this momma. Up until then we were blessed to find a top notch setting that he was thriving in alongside the natural medicine we had been incorporating consistently. The first day of “school”, which was actually like a month into the standard year, his new teacher didn't even have a name plate for our boy, even though she knew he was coming that first day. No warm welcome. zilch. It was as if he didn't even exist in the room. The feeling I had in [...]

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Learning to Speak up

The first time I really caught a glimpse of what it meant to fight for something was sitting in the Pediatrician's office with my newborn son. I entered with joy and feeling like I conquered the world birthing a 9 lb bowling ball. I left feeling fearful, helpless and stripped of motherly confidence. It was not a good feeling. And yet, for some reason I didn't speak up. There is something that happens inside of us when our backs are against the wall and we feel totally unequipped to stand up and say “not my kid!” When our son was just a few days old I felt the weight of what it meant to care for another human outside of my own selfish desires that, up until then, took precedence. My mind was beginning to process all the life altering decisions that I had to make that first day in [...]

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