Intuition Rules

There was a moment in our journey where I knew my son needed to be in a different school setting. Call it the mommy intuition or that punch-in-the gut feeling we experience when we know its time to speak up.

It was right as he transitioned based on his age from state offered therapy to the local school system. Something just didn’t feel good to this momma. Up until then we were blessed to find a top notch setting that he was thriving in alongside the natural medicine we had been incorporating consistently.

The first day of “school”, which was actually like a month into the standard year, his new teacher didn’t even have a name plate for our boy, even though she knew he was coming that first day.

No warm welcome. zilch. It was as if he didn’t even exist in the room.

The feeling I had in my stomach was painful, but I decided to give them the benefit if the doubt, after all, what choice did I have? There were no other options at the time and we just went along like sheep with the system.

I felt scared for my son, not because I thought the school environment would unsafe for him, but because I wanted him to be loved, to feel loved and that he mattered just like any other preschool child.

Truly the most impressionable time of his life. Even though he could not speak well, he still could feel and in many respects that has an even larger impact. I walked the teacher thru our dietary choices as a family like no gluten, dairy or sugar and it was as though I had three horns on my head. Really lady? You might want to consider it for yourself is what was running thru my mind, I just didn’t speak it. Our boy was still learning to potty train, and it was as though the world might end if she needed to take him to the potty and exercise patience.

I gave it a couple months, wanting to instead choose to seek the best in our situation and allow this wretched woman to redeem herself.

And then came the day I found my voice.

In true mom hawk fashion I decided for a week to show up a little early and observe his playground time. What I saw brought tears to my eyes. He little body would sit in the far corner of the playground while all the teachers huddled together paying no mind to the fact that our son had no idea what to even do on a playground full of kids.

He would sometimes run head first into the play structure in pure excitement but little body awareness. No one offered a hand to help him. No one stood by his side to teach him how to interact with the little potential friends on the playground. No one.

I picked him up that day and decided enough was enough. Free wasn’t working anymore. My son deserved better and this momma was not going to take it anymore.

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Jodie is often referred to by those who know her as a SuperWoman! She is the proud mother of 3 children, a partner in crime with her incredible husband and a globally successful entrepreneur. Through a very personal journey with her first-born child, she learned not only what it meant to be a mother, but a fierce protector. Her story is one that no parent would ever want to face. But, through her strength and determination, she has written a story in history’s pages that defied all odds as she knew them. Now she is determined to empower other mommas, women, and families to take charge of their life’s story by speaking up and fighting for their happily ever after.

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