Yes! We Recovered our Son from Autism

I think it’s a perfect day for an official introduction! So Hello! I am Jodie the gal behind Speak up Buttercup. This whole crazy path began when our son was diagnosed with autism. Hmmm no, it actually started back the day he was born, if I were to be really honest with myself. I didn’t feel confident in speaking up during his birth and his first year of life which definitely had an impact on altering the course of his health. BUT …#knowbetterDObetter is what I embrace
There was a significant point in his life before he was 2 with a routine visit to the Pediatrition’s office. Picture me, almost 8 months pregnant and asking some legitimate and intelligent questions about vaccines. I just wanted to be HEARD. I just wanted to feel valued as a mom who knew what was best for her child. But I wasn’t and instead based on his trusted recommendations I made a decision that morning to allow the nurse to administer 9 shots to my baby boy. I left in tears, shaking and in a daze. What did I just do?
We lost him shortly after
And then we got him BACK. Yes he is BACK
This has and continues to be the hardest journey I have weathered in my life. Fears, discouragement, grief, anger, despair. Friends have left me and spewed hatred, family sometimes hasn’t understood, and often I felt like the outsider for our natural views…yet, above all hope, faith and a deep deep love for my children that I have no doubt this path has strengthened

My prayer is that our story, which I want to shout from the rooftops, will provide hope and practical tools for you with whatever you are struggling with.

You can do this
You are strong
Your intuition is your voice and your path

Together we are strong. Together we will rise. Thank you for being here?




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About the Author:

Jodie is often referred to by those who know her as a SuperWoman! She is the proud mother of 3 children, a partner in crime with her incredible husband and a globally successful entrepreneur. Through a very personal journey with her first-born child, she learned not only what it meant to be a mother, but a fierce protector. Her story is one that no parent would ever want to face. But, through her strength and determination, she has written a story in history’s pages that defied all odds as she knew them. Now she is determined to empower other mommas, women, and families to take charge of their life’s story by speaking up and fighting for their happily ever after.

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